Best Aviation Courses After 12th in India

Most of us wonder what the Aviation course is. The term Aviation refers to the activities that are related to the aircraft industry and the Aviation course is about to study in detail regarding the aircraft industry.

The word Aviation means to fly, aircraft is the one which is around more than a century, but Aviation has been around for almost 2000 years ago. Getting back to history, Leonardo da Vinci discovered aircraft but he couldn’t fly as because the aircraft he discovered is lighter than the air. Later, Wright brothers introduced the aircraft known as Wright flyers.

In this article, we have listed down the Aviation Courses after 12th and the Aviation course details you have to narrow down once after your higher secondary education.

Aviation Courses 2024

Aviation Courses provide a lot of opportunities for candidates who have an interest in the field of Aviation.

This sector helps the students to learn in detail about engineering, and electronics, teaching them how to run, fly, manage, operate and design Aviation systems across the globe.

Students who have completed 12th standard can choose the Aviation course and the eligibility varies from one university to another. Below is a list of Aviation Courses in India.

Aviation Courses 2024

1. B.B.A. in Airport Management

Bachelor of Business Administration is an undergraduate program and the duration of the course is for 3 years. Few private and government institutions across the country offer the course in India and abroad.

While B.B.A. in Airport management trains students to take responsibility for the Managerial and Administrative posts in an airport. The syllabus in the course covers human resource management, accounting, financial management, marketing, introduction to airport management, and safety management. 

Eligibility criteria for getting into the course is that the candidate has to pass 12th standard in any board examination or any stream (Science, Arts, and Commerce) and a required minimum of at least 50% or equivalent in the recognized board.

After completion of the course, students get placed at major domestic and international airports as Airport manager, administrator, staff manager, and safety officer. And the salary package ranges between 3 – 6 lakhs per annum.

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2. B.Sc. AV

 This is another undergraduate program which is known as Bachelor of Science in Aviation. The duration of the course is three years and the course is offered by many private and government institutes both in India and abroad. Students who have chosen to study B.Sc. take a managerial and administrative post in an airport. 

The eligibility criteria to take up the course to complete 12th standard in recognized board with a minimum score of 50% or equivalent marks in any higher secondary stream including science, arts, and commerce. 

3. Diploma in Airport Management

The Airport management course is the diploma program and the duration of the course is 2 years after completion of 12th standard.

The diploma in Airport management course is one of the best airport Courses available in India and the course is offered by both private and government institutions.

The students get placed in airports once after the completion of the course. This program focuses entirely on airport management and the duration lasts for only one year in most of the institutions.

When compared to the other bachelor’s degree program, the diploma program deals with the technical details in the airport management area.

The bachelor’s degree in diploma doesn’t fulfill and fetch the students better job after completion of the course, they must have a post-graduate diploma to be placed in the higher cadre.

The important subjects that are discussed during the course time in a diploma in Airport management are Staff management, safety, and security management, cargo management and handling, airport strategy, and functioning, etc.

The eligibility is similar to those of the normal bachelor degree program i.e. 12th standard completion in board examination with a minimum of 50% score in science, arts, and commerce stream. 

The prime recruitment of these students is in domestic and international airports and the average salary ranges between 2-5 lakhs per annum. The job profile and designation of the students after completion of the course would be Airport manager, cargo department manager, and Assistant Manager in the airport field.

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4. Commercial pilot training

Commercial pilot training is the best among other Aviation Courses for students. They are sure of getting jobs in the Aviation sector once after the course completion but, the course is costly as it provides immense training to the candidates opting for it. This is one of the best airline Courses in India.

 The eligibility criteria are to complete the 12th standard in any recognized board examination.

5. Diploma in Ground staff

 Diploma in ground staff and cabin crew program is a 6 to 1-year Aviation course. Their main responsibility is to take care of the passengers and to soothe and comfort them who are running in an aircraft.

They are also in the response of taking care of multiple operations including guiding passengers to the aircraft, ticket checking, right parking space guidance, and other airport-related operations.

The candidates will be trained and they have to make sure every passenger should have their best experience while getting in and out of the airport and flight. 

The basic eligibility for the candidates to choose this course is to complete 12th standard with the minimum score of 50% and for this course students should possess excellent communication skills as they will be interacting with the passengers most of the time.

The job profiles and designations after the completion of the course would be flight dispatcher, airport station attendant, cargo ground staff, and cabin crew.

6. Airport Management engineering (AME)

 Airport management engineering is a 4-year degree Aviation course similar to that of engineering Courses that are selected after 12th.

There are few streams in doing airport management engineering and they include B.Sc., B.Tech., B.E., in AME. To get into the course, students have to clear certain entrance examinations such as JEE, JEE mains, etc.

The main responsibility of the candidates is to maintain all the records necessary at the airport to keep the technical and safety aspects in proper maintenance.

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The syllabus of the course work covers the following topics including aircraft rules, aerodynamics, engineering drawing/graphics, the theory of flight, workshops, propellers, aircraft electronics systems, computer systems, gas turbine engines, aircraft instruments, basic and applied electricity, aircraft inspection and systems management, and radio. 

The minimum eligibility is to complete 12th and employment areas where the candidates get placed are airlines, maintenance, repair, and overhauls (MRO), aircraft manufacturing companies, aircraft part manufacturing companies, etc. The salary for these students ranges from 2-3 lakhs per annum.

7. Aeronautical engineering (A.E.)

 Aeronautical Engineering is an engineering program with a duration of 4 years with 6 semesters. The course is all about how to teach the student to design the aircraft as per the requirement.

The course is one of the best-specialized engineering branches and students tend to learn both theory and practical understanding of all the necessary aspects of the aircraft.

Upon completion of the 12th standard, the candidates have to clear the entrance examination to get into the course. They also have to clear national and state level exams to get admission in the universities for this course. 

The syllabus covered during the course duration is aerodynamics, mechanics of solids, computer programming basics, the theory of vibration and noise control, avionics, the theory of heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics, environmental sciences, elements of mechanical engineering, computational fluid dynamics, etc.

The nature of the job for the candidates is aircraft production manager, mechanical design engineer, assistant aircraft engineers, aerospace double checker designer, etc. and their salary ranges between 5-6 lakhs per annum.

The other Aviation Courses offered after 12th standard are:

  • Pilot Orientation Program
  • Aircraft management engineering – mechanical stream
  • Hospitality and hotel administration
  • Hospitality and travel management
  • Aviation operations
  • Air hostess, stewardship & in-flight cabin crew operations
  • Airline operations
  • Advance diploma in Aviation, hospitality, and tourism
  • Certificate Courses in Aviation, travel, and tourism

Remember, the journey to an Aviation career is not just about choosing the right course, but about dedication, discipline, and a burning passion for flight. So, buckle up, future aviators, and prepare to experience the thrill of conquering the skies!

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