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IGNOU Assignment Status 2024: The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) empowers countless students through flexible learning. Assignments play a crucial role in IGNOU’s holistic evaluation, making their status a constant concern for enrolled students. This guide unravels the mysteries of IGNOU Assignment Status 2024, equipping you with the knowledge to confidently track your progress and prepare for success.

IGNOU Assignment Status 2024

The final date for submitting assignments for the December 2023 Term-End Examination (TEE) was extended to November 30, 2023. Remember, this deadline applies only to students aiming to appear in the December TEE. If you missed the deadline, fret not! You can attempt the assignments in the June 2024 TEE by submitting them before the June 2024 deadline.

Your IGNOU Assignment Status will indicate whether your assignment has been submitted, approved, or if there are any issues with the submission. If you encounter any problems, such as an “IGNOU Assignment Status not completed” message, it means you have failed to submit the assignment, and you will need to resubmit it

IGNOU Assignment Status 2024

Check IGNOU Assignment Status 2024

Once your assignment is submitted and approved, you can check your grades and marks online. The passing marks for IGNOU assignments are 50%. There are two main ways to check your IGNOU Assignment Status 2024:

1. Online Portal:

  • Visit the official IGNOU Student Zone: http://ignou.ac.in/ignou/studentzone
  • Enter your Enrollment Number and Date of Birth as login credentials.
  • Click on “Student Support” and then “Assignment Status.”
  • Select your program code and click “Submit.”
  • Your assignment status will be displayed, indicating whether it has been received, is under evaluation, or has been evaluated.
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2. Study Centre:

  • Visit your designated IGNOU Study Centre in person.
  • Inform the staff about your program and desire to check assignment status.
  • They will access the relevant information and provide you with an update.

IGNOU Assignment Status 2024 Update Time

The time taken for assignment status updates can vary depending on the volume of submissions and other factors. However, you can expect an update within:

  • 1 month: If you submitted your assignment within the first week of the submission window.
  • 30-45 days: For submissions during the later weeks.

IGNOU Assignment Passing Marks

  • Undergraduate Programs (Bachelor’s Degree): 35 out of 100 in each assignment.
  • Postgraduate Programs (Master’s Degree): 40 out of 100 in each assignment.
  • Certificate and Diploma Programs: 35 out of 100 in each assignment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What happens if my assignment is rejected?

If your assignment is rejected, you will receive a notification with reasons for rejection. You can resubmit the assignment after addressing the issues within the stipulated timeframe.

Can I track the progress of my assignment evaluation?

Unfortunately, no. The online portal only displays the current status (received, under evaluation, or evaluated).

Understanding your IGNOU Assignment Status 2024 empowers you to stay on top of your academic journey. By adhering to deadlines, utilizing the online portal, and familiarizing yourself with the FAQs, you can navigate the process with confidence. Remember, consistent effort and timely submissions are key to achieving academic success at IGNOU.

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